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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mets, Santana Sheets the Bed

...But Hey It Wasn't the Pen's Fault

It was not a good day for the Mets golden boys. Bud Selig's Bashers clobbered Johan Santana and it was not pleasant. Even with 2 rbis, Wright was so wrong. When handing the team to Santana and Wright doesn't pan out, I'm not sure what else the Wilpons could do, aside from move the fences back a bit. That might actually help, since the Mets don't seem to have anyone who can reach them anyway.

So what did I not see on Fux Network or through my pricey so-called "ExtraInnings" cable package? Collosal failures with RISPs (for instance, Wright's failure in the 2nd with bases loaded). Untimely defensive lapses. Brewer batting practice. For one day at least, it seems that nothing has changed from last year. And shitty play and disspiriting losses mean shitty media coverage and disspiriting questions.

Santana on the boos he heard for his performance from the Shea faithless:
"If they boo, that's fine," Santana said. "That's a history they got from not being so good, I guess."

I'm not endorsing the boos, but well. Guess what, buddy, this is your problem now too. The boos didn't issue forth from history, they were about your inability to keep the ball in the park and the crappy defense you and your teammates put on display today. The boos were probably uncalled for, but they were not about Choo Choo Coleman or the Magna Carta.

Mets fans are demanding. They are expecting. And no one wants to listen to the $tar disassociate himself from the quality of the product. The early booing is unreasonable, but the demands are there, and they are reasonable. Having an off day is going to happen. This ain't the Art Howe battlers. These short sentences illustrate the extent to which I am at a loss to explain the mediocrity I have seen thus far. Someone on this team needs to perform up to their billing or it's gonna be a long year. Already, the brittle and punchless Mets look less like a team constructed to win now than a team constructed to win in 1999. Speaking of those great late '90s early 2000s players, the Mets are wasting some serious Carlos Delgado voodoo magic up in here.

Meanwhile, add Johan's velocity to Reyes' hamstrings, Pedro's everything, Delgado's impingement, Willie's brain, and Castillo's knees in the list of things to seriously worry about.

BallHype: hype it up!

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  • At 9:20 AM, Anonymous YB said…

    Wow, is Johan following Barak's recent playbook? Belittle your supporters? Probably should have called the fans bitter and clinging to their guns, which the Mets are lucky no fans had in the stands.
    Hard to keep the faith considering the Mets have played .500 ball since last May.
    Channel 723 today IMFM, get ready for some magical Brewers play-byplay!

  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    hey I'll take a condescending president who is smarter than me any day.
    The Mets are the new Forever 500's!

  • At 3:41 PM, Anonymous cvertana said…

    Well me, as Cvertana, should be fair to the guy and point out that since English is his second language, that if you substitute the word "habit" for history in his quote, I think that is what he meant and it seems more acceptable. Yes, the Shea crowd is in the habit of booing it's players because we're used to them disappointing us. And yes, Santana was paid a ton of money to not disappoint and as his other quote points out, he is human. I just hope he's not gonna be too human. As far as Obama is concerned, the jury's out on whether he's smarter than you, since I'm sure you would never have made that rookie gaffe. Incidentally, today's game, which I'm sure you'll have more than 2 cents to add, was pretty awful. Letting Mota beat you is quite sad.


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