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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Votta Awful Game!! Reds Grab One Back

Yesterday was not John Maine's day. By the middle of the game, the only reasons left to watch were to hear what outlandish things Keith would say, and to watch Humber (pronounced Um-ber) pitch in mop-up duty. At least one of those things was satisfying.

Those that stuck around during this "day game preceeding a night game" or whatever Keith called it against the "Red Legs" in Keith-speak also got to listen to Mex:

*push the NFL
*tell Gary his voice was boring
*talk with no sense of irony about the massage therapist giving Reyes "a full body massage"
*admire his own career, particularly a home run he hit off of Glavine
*share that his dog doesn't need grooming, and women, ahem, moms are good at combing hair
*divulge his off-day plans to hit Java Nation for coffee and then laze by the pool

Humber, who I desperately want to like, was "humber-whelming." He showed flashes, but seemed unable to get the curve over anything other than the batter's head.

My post yesterday was a bit irrationally exuberant. Maybe I saw too many perfect gamedays in a row (Mets win, Br*ves lose, Phillies lose, Yankee's lose, Red Sox win, Mariners win). Taking the sage words of Misery Loves Company, "Conflict, pathos, and sputtering rage are so much easier to chronicle than benign happiness" to heart, I hereby adjust my tone. I see now that a 5-5 road trip only looks good because of what the Phillies did to us. I now note that there is little comfort from the realization that the Reds, though losing the series, molested Mets' pitching for 18 runs in three games. I now realize that despite his wins, John Maine might be the best option for post-season bullpen reassignment, even assuming that Old Duque is not injured.

The Mets awful-fense reared its head again today, though it is fair to mention this was the B-squad. Carlos Buntran earned his nickname with an attempted bunt in the 4th with 2 men on and none out. Either he has an unnatural faith in Jeff Connine, or Carlos was feeling an aftershock from his concussion. Beltran's running into an easy out at third did little to dispel the appearance of mild confusion.

For comfort, I thought I'd watch the Br*ves try to mount a comeback against the Phillies and take the sting out, but it was a game I turned off when, the score 5-2 with 2 on in the 6th inning Andrwuw Jones struck out to end the inning. The Br*ves have nothing to play for. The Br*ves are done. The Br*ves are so done, I thought smugly. But maybe I should have watched the end anyhow.

Among Omar's goals in the off-season must be to keep decent starting and relief pitching the hell away from Philadelphia. Keep them frustrated. He he.

So neither of the two NL East teams scare me much. But I'm trying to decide who I want to face least, Arizona or San Diego. I have to look at some numbers on that one, but would it not be interesting to see Arizona on the way to seeing the Sawx in the World Series, a sort of combination of some of the great playoff match ups of bygone Mets playoff glories? Sigh, if only the Astros were in the mix.

But here are some things to worry about in September anyway:

*4-5 game lead
*Castillo's knee
*Ollie and Maine getting hit again (it rhymes)
*El duques body
*Delgado's hip
*Milledge's rookieness

"Watch the game": Larry Jones and the (ch)Umpiring

I agree with Larry. I think. I mean I hate his guts and he is obviously crying sour grapes to accompany his team's new journey into oblivion and irrelevance, but still, the (ch)umpiring has really caught my attention this season as I have brought up before. And they say that if you notice the officiating, something is wrong. They do say that.

Anyhow, it isn't just redneck Hooters patrons that are up in arms. C.B. Bucknor's Monday Aug 27 performance got our own hero hot under the collar.

From Wednesday's 8/29 Daily News:

David Wright, ejected from Monday night's game after being called out on strikes three times, checked the video after the eight inning that night to make sure plate umpire C.B. Bucknor's calls were off before continuing to complain. When Bucknor looked into the dugout before the ninth inning began, Wright barked at the ump to watch the game. That prompted the third baseman's second career ejection.

Off-day today so we can start looking forward to Sunday's match-up Pedro vs. Oswalt and the Astros. Now that one better be on TV.


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