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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bring out your dead!

A few minutes after the Mets finally sucessfully fielded their opening day roster, players started dropping like flies.

Now, it looks like Carlos Delgado's body is finally joining his mind on that season long vacation. Hopefully, the knee injury suffered in last night's "effort" against the Bucanneers is not serious, but if it is, perhaps Carlos can clear his head and return to his spring training form, which he has hinted at recently. I have no idea who will replace him, other than Mr. Greenjeans supplemented by Thrilledge in right. Maybe Omar will Mike Carp diem, and seize the day, if'n that dude is still on the team.

Let's look at the ALL-INJURED team the Mets would field, each ranked with a totally meaningless 1-10 scale as to the probability of their return.

"but... i'm not dead yet!": Willie dragging Ct. Red Ass to the DL

Catcher: Paul loDuca 9--injured hammy, pride. Impact: the Old Dirty Backstops (accused sex offenders difelice and HEAD castro) can probably hold down the fort, but LoDuca has yet to make his mark on this season. IMPACT: His status as leader is probably still intact, so a playoffs bound team will want this guy around

First base: Carlos Delga-'doh 9?--knee injury, baby fatigue IMPACT: a refreshed and healthy Carlos is key to post season hopes. Last year's playoff Delgado was money!

Second base: Jose Valentin 2--totally fucked up, might currently be wearing a vest, but thats his only option to stay in metsland. IMPACT: Stash sucked the pipe in the playoffs, and Mets have plenty o' secondbaseman available.

Pedro Martinez: 7 Fans are praying for the return of IDEAL-PEDRO, but it says here "don't hold your breath." Don't ask me, I just read this stuff.

Duanar "Dirty" Sanchez: 6 from what I hear, could return this year, but unlikely.

Scott Shoenwiess: 10 remember, this dude is pitching through his injury! Has lowered his era and even earned a bit of Willie's trust lately.

El Duque: 8 not technically injured. I think fans overvalue Orlando, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be curious to see what he could do in a playoff series or two. Two words for Old Duque for pregame warmups though: Exercise Bike.

Carlos Beltran Injury (special section):
Carlos Beltran 10: again, not technically injured, right now. But since his oblique injury, he seems to be at less than 100%, though he is producing. An Astro-nomical Beltran playoff tear would make all the sad thoughts go away.

Reserve superhero (special section): Endy Chavez 6.5--hammy injury worse than expected. IMPACT: Endy's return would be like a little delicious mint on your pillow before bedtime. Why? Because Endy has a knack for the big play lacked by many of his other teammates. And you can't be mack if you lack that knack.

Whom I forgetting?

With some 40 games to play, and parts of the core taking their licks now, we can still hold out hope for a re-energized injury free team come October.


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