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Sunday, August 12, 2007

"The good news, if there is any..."

On a day featuring a fatuous and painful tribute to the ex-Br*ve Tom Glavine, the Mets finally grabbed a "W" in Florida to end a lousy week. The Ralph Kiner quote from the telecast the other day that I used as a title sums the Mets situation up nicely. What is the good news right now?

Well there is good news for us fans. At least we aren't Glavine, who has to figure out where the hell in his garage he's gonna put all that shit. I mean who needs a "car" and jetskis with their name on it? Or 300 golfballs?

Seaver and Kiner in the booth both seemed to accept the premise that this year's team is something of a first place disappointment, although the extent to which Tom Seaver is paying attention to things not within the purview of the category, "Tom Seaver" is debatable.

The three NL East competitors begin play again today after a long Monday break. This week may go a long way to explaining the Mets ultimate fortunes, for the sad sack Pirates and Nationals are on the ticket. If the Mets can beat up on these 4th division teams, and that is by no means certain, than perhaps they can catch a break with a few Br*ves and Phils losses.

If things don't go well starting tonight, it may be that, to paraphrase FDR, the only team we have to fear, is ...the Mets themselves!



  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger dave said…

    I actually could use the 300 golf balls. I'd sell the car and jet ski though.


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