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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Willie's Crying at your own risk

Top 10 Things that piss me off more than losing to the Br*ves:

#10. nothing

Many Mets fans will blame Willie Harris' spectacular catch of Delgado's blast for the loss. First, I am in the minority, but by the looks of where Harris jumped from, that ball might have been off the top of the wall. It certainly wasn't Endyrific in any event. Second, I found a different culprit that begins with "W" and ends with "illie."

Willie, or more precisely, Willie's Strategery

Viewing this emotional loss as soberly as I possibly can, I say Willie can take some blame for this one.

Conceding a run against the hated Klan in the seventh was, as one of my favorite bloggers says, fucking ponderous.

And Marlon Anderson wasnt exactly "the answer" in CF today, not with Thrilledge playing so well. Willie hates rooks, and under this regime, they know their place; on the bench, planning their rap careers, not helping the team win. Omar talks up defense, and Willie stubbornly sticks to his guys.

And, to nitpick, Willie was "Crying Gamed" today too-- being surprised by Cox on a suicide squeeze RIGHT after pitching out is braindead managing. Had Willie guessed right on any of these decisions, the Mets might have pulled this one out. THis team goes braindead entirely too much for my tastes. The little things matter, especially in the playoffs, should the Mets be so lucky. And little things include managing.

Sorry, them's the facts.

Here are some more.

Shawn Green, normally so adept at protecting himself from boo boos, today dives face first into the warning track on a foul ball, then pivitolly can't get out of the way of a wild pitch.

John Maine morphing from nice surprise to typical young pitcher undone by his own inability to concentrate. Still better than Mr. Benson.

David Wright finally gets it going against the Br*ves, unfortunately Castillo isn't a step faster and on base for him.

The glory seemingly promised by last year's Mets squad is all but squandered at this point. Time to start hoping the Mets can pull the East out, and to start rooting for the Br*ves wildcard foes.

To sum up, us Mets fans thought we had us a team with guts, a team that could go toe to toe with the Br*ves and come out on top...
Then... we lifted up that skirt and...NO BALLS!!

Nothing is what it seems to be.

is that paulie shore?

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