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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Insert Wright Pun Here

How can that many David Wright's be wrong? Wright's were everywhere. I mean when he wasn't working some bare handed magic, slamming the ball out of the park, or diving (a bit unnecesarily at times, times like the 8th inning) in front of Jose Reyes to make a play, he was (according to the Dodgers announcing team) making 20 million off his vitamin water percentage. On Ollie's 100 pitch to Ethier, Wright made another bare handed beauty of a putout off a carom no less. Is it the bling David? Cause I don't know if you're dating a mafia princess, but that enormous chain is hard to ignore.

The good old days seem to be back. The good old days when you could count on the Dodgers to roll over for us. Sometimes, it's good to turn up a bad Penny.

And it was a special night, one full of details. Tim McClelland, the guy who caught George Brett cheating with the pine tar, was behind the plate making his patented delayed calls ( I think he ended the game with one). On the mound was the inimitable Ollie By Golly. Everytime he came up to the plate, I wondered why he bats without gloves? On purpose, or did his mom forget to thread his mitten holder through his jersey this morning? The camera caught someone who looked suspiciously like Endy Chavez smiling in the dugout. And we got to see Ollie and diFelice combine on a passed ball that actually went into the stands. Just a bit outside.

Methinks the recent acquisition of David Wells is not going to help Brad Penny with that “fat slob” thing he has going on. Watching him drag his lack of an upper body unless you count the belly to first (and beat out the throw, sigh) was cringeworthy. Hide the batting donuts, cause these two might crack some teeth on them.

On this lovely “Los Mets” night, sure to cause consternation in the blog world, you had to feel sorry for the announcer. She had to resist announcing that here comes “El Swingo” everytime the strikeout buddies, Lastings and Carlos D came up. Actually these two looked a little less clueless tonight working walks and not swinging at every last ball. And Thrilledge's 5th inning swan dive in the outfield and subsequent pose hold was entertaining to one and all. I don’t get exercised about the booing thing, but even I don’t like to hear Delgado get booed. You don’t think he knows he sucks?

I sense a little displaced emotion in Delgado’s fist pumps after put outs at first, don’t you?

Coming into the Dodgers top of the 8th with the Mets bull (shit) pen coming in, you had to know trouble was a brewin.’ Even though it was Sosa coming in. And cause I read the papers sometimes, I knew the Mets only had to get past the top of the 8th to make it into the loving embrace of Scot Proctor, who sucks.

Countrytime came in and got back to what he does best lately, making it interesting and putting the Mets leads in jepardy. Basically, basking in the warm feeling of this victory, we won’t remember how Jeff Kent basically came within about a half inch of his bat of tying this game and sending us into a very sad weekend.

Meanwhile, the Padres were taking their new found confidence (courtesy of our boys) and wiping the field with the Phillies, who may be in their death knell period right now. Ain’t it ironic? Or something.


  • At 10:03 AM, Blogger Whitney said… is reporting that 4 out of 5 panelists (and dentists, presumably) chose Jose Reyes as the "face of the franchise" for the Mets. (MetsBlog chose Willie Randolph, maybe as a joke?) It's hard to argue that Reyes isn't, but it's also hard to fathom David Wright not picked by anyone.

  • At 10:24 AM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    Yes, but that's espn for ya!

    i have just finished penning my response, which shall be called "Ass of the Franchise." the votes are in...


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