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Monday, May 07, 2007

Mets need Pelfhelp, Drop Series finale, and into First place tie

psst, wanna buy some roids?

Well, the Mets stalled at lucky victory #13 at the Chase, but hey let's not get greedy. If it weren't for the damn Dodgers, we'd have opened up a little lead. As it is, the Mets are tied with the Klan boys going into a challenging week. Although I must admit to being a little burnt out on steroids jokes after the Clemens affair, so seeing Barroid Bonds this week will make me call to the novelty sports blog bullpen.

This game featured some minor storylines, such as Lino Urdaneta 's sucessful battle with infinity (his ERA). And then there's Jose "No no no..don't get up" Reyes play on the 1st out of the 8th where he threw out the runner from the seat of his pants. But otherwise, the Mets B-squad didn't look like it had what victory would take.

"I'm just good enough to lose."
--the self-aware Mike Pelfrey

Pelf sure is frustrating to watch, especially his plan to lure nearly every D-Back hitter into a false sense of security with a couple of balls to start off. But as a fifth starter, he did keep the Mets narrowly in the game until the 5th inning, which while it is less than we are asking for, certainly is more than nothing. I spend the majority of Pelf's 2-0 counts trying to remember what about this guy was so thrilling in the first place. He needs some seasoning in the minors, but perhaps he will make strides before the Mets' number comes up in the El Duque health bingo.

Is it too late to reconsider Citifield's corporate sponsorship? I got an idea for the name that I think will promote winning: Met's Diamond at "ChaseField" in Citibank Park.

Did you know?

Tom Seaver was nearly a Br*ve!!

According to some Espn site I found:

"April 3, 1966: The season hasn't started yet, and the New York Mets already are big winners. In a special lottery, the Mets win out over the Cleveland Indians and Philadelphia Phillies -- the only three teams who had agreed to match the Atlanta Braves' original offer of $40,000 -- for the rights to sign USC right-hander, Tom Seaver.

The special drawing is held because Commissioner William Eckert had ruled Seaver's signing by the Braves' Richmond farm team, for a $40,000 bonus, was illegal. Atlanta had drafted Seaver. Eckert nullified the contract and fined Richmond $500 because USC already had started its season. Baseball rules say that a player can't be signed off a college campus once his team has started playing."

I did not know that. The Atlanta club is always cheating, first with Seaver, then with the strike zone for the majority of the 1990s. Go figure.

More Roidger fun

Wow, the wonderment does not cease that Cashman mortgaged his team (and with the Yankees, that ain't easy to pull off) on a me-firster that will almost certainly be involved in this season's X factor, the Steroid Investigation. There are some great first person stories if you look through Metsblog, about what an ass Roger Clemens is in person on the golf course and elsewhere. Not too surprising.

For some more fun, I trolled over to Astros territory to see what words would describe the way Astros fans were feeling these days. The words I am getting is bitter and vengeful!

CarmenVelez wrote:
Good riddance is all I can say. I am happy to see him get out of town. He may have been a great pitcher back in the day, but great pitchers know when to quit. Big egos do not. The guy can't get enough of himself. He had to announce his return to the Yankees from the owner's box at Yankee Stadium so that 50,000 adoring fans could bow down to him. The roar of the crowd is what turns his crank. I'm sure the $28 million deal (albeit prorated) didn't hurt either. Reminds me of Carlos Beltran. He went for the money, then watched the World Series from his couch. And the team that was playing the World Series was the team he left behind. May it happen again, this time to Clemens. And when we win the World Series, he can kiss my Astros ring!

editor's note: OUCH!

cheo25 wrote:
From the NY Daily News: "He added he plans to spend a week and a half training in Lexington, Ky., where his son Koby is playing in the Astros' farm system." I hope he's not planning on using the Legends' facilities. If he is, the Astros should tell him to take a hike and go find a high school clubhouse. He's Yankees property now, so why should the Astros let him use their facilities anywhere in the organization. Terminate the personal services deal and when Koby proves he can't play, boot him out of the organization, too. The whole reason for the personal services deal was to keep him from leaving the Astros. If he wants to leave, make the departure a 100-percent divorce.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Note, 100% divorce is a Texas term meaning...uh...something.

cubanpete94 wrote:
I think I'm to blame, or at least my son is. Over the weekend of April 28-29, my son's select 11 year-old select baseball team played Rocket's son's team in an elimination game in Alvin. Well, my son took his son, who was pitching, deep twice. Once for an RBI double and another time for a 3-run RBI triple. Kid got the hook after that and his team was eliminated. Sorry about that, guys. Rest assured, my son has been chastised.

I love the use of children as proxies...especially for a noble go cuban pete!

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