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Monday, April 30, 2007

Game Pops Easley in and Easley Out of Damion's Glove

Miss the last two games against inferior NL opponents?

I'll bring you up to speed.

Yesterday, the B-Squad makes it through the game on the strength of John Maine's acey-ness and Carlos Buntran's homerun. Otherwise, viewers of the Nationals telecast spent the game wondering which was more aggravating, Don Sutton's thinly veiled hostility or the Mets inability to stop looking a gift Reyes in the mouth. Show and Countrytime Lemon get the job done and the Mets pull out a close one. Flip channels, watch Wickman melt down and the Br*ves loose on a walkoff to the cRockies, and the Yankers get owned again by the Sawx. You score the Metsfan trifecta (Mets win, Br*ves loose, Yankers lose), one that may even lead to the Torre corpse being exhumed from the Yankme Stadium dugout. It was a good day, pulled from the jaws of a bad day.

"When it comes to Mike Wallace, the story ends with me putting him into the wall."
--Kid in Geico commercial

Tonight the squad gets even Beesier, with Stash on the shelf 'til further notice and El Duque gone to where ever it is he goes when he suffers an age-related injury. You think to yourself, you know, the Mets defense is going to suffer verily without Stash. And horror of horrors, the team feels the immediate impact of the morning's degradation in the performances of Chan Ho Park and Damion Easley, who are lost on the mound and in the field respectively. Easley's non-catch is like pulling the thread of the orange and blue sweater, and the whole sweater unravels. Worse, Keith and Gary speculate that red hot Grandpa Moises was removed from the game early due to injury, a eventuallity I can't contemplate before I get a good night's sleep. Thinking, it'll be hard to put Moises between ice cold Delgado and Wright to break up those two guaranteed outs if Old Man Moises does go to his traditional spot on the DL. Then, with Milledge injured, we're really in trouble, like Limatime trouble. Despairing, we almost miss Shawn Green making his first catch near a wall in idunnowhen. Mets offense pumps out 6 runs or so as an afterthought, but this game feels lost. Flip channels, watch Andururw launch game winning walk off against the Phooies. You don't hang around to watch it land.

"Does anybody know why? Text me."
--Keith Hernandez



  • At 10:55 AM, Blogger Jaap said…

    Mets trifecta, perfectly defined. Well done. El Duque has gone off for a cuddle with Elian Gonzalez for a magical bromide...

  • At 12:33 PM, Blogger Itsmetsforme said…

    thanks Jaap. there are so many of the world's phenomena that need encapsulation in lingo, catchphrases, and slogans.
    And thanks for using the word bromide.

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