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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The game that did not deserve catchy title

Possible new Mets Fifth starter candidates if Pelfrey doesn't pan out.

Hey, no one got hurt, right?

Other than some classic Tom Seaver on the SNY broadcast, I wouldn't have guessed the team mucking up the field in today's matinee was my New York Mets. Beaten by a team that's worst investment is not Kaz Matsui, but in its dinosaur-platapus mascot.

I wouldn't wish having to watch Aaron "Tag" Sele on anyone, but if you are unclear on the concept of "suck," then you may want to dial this clunker up on your Tivo or MLBs.TV.

I'll let pitching coach Rick Peterson explain soon-to-be-former-5th-starter BatsinhisPelfrey's outing: “In the bullpen and his side sessions, he’s doing his best. In the game, he’s trying his best, and there’s a definite difference.”

Got it?

The Mets may be going for "Pelf Help" sooner or later. I love me some Pelfrey, and as long as the progressively shittier pitching coming from his arm is not due to injury, I am unfazed. I say, take your time, buddy, and learn to love your Pelf, becuase if YOU don't love your Pelf, nobody else will.

As for 5th starter replacements not named Lima, according to the NY Times, the Humber Jack and Sosa are tearin' the roof of the minor league sucka. I don't know about rushing another kid to the majors, and I think we need more time to develop Humber nicknames and such. I say let's see if THIS Sosa can testify!! (Sammy Sosa reference)

As a side note, I don't know where Omar and Willie studied public speaking, but sometimes the strangest things come out of their mouths. Is it just me?

On Pelf (from the Times): “You have to keep your eyes on him and see where you are,” Minaya said. “Right now, he’s going to get another start. But I reserve the right to speak to my manager. I haven’t spoken to him yet about today’s outing.”

I reserve the right to speak to my manager. Why would Omar need to reserve this particular right? I know he meant "but we might change our mind as a management team" but...Well I guess if I had to field questions about Manny Ramirez all day long and talk to the media all the time, I'd get a little slap happy too.



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