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Friday, April 27, 2007

An Explanation

scene: 30 or so years ago, Niagara Falls , NY...Tour groups gather near the railing to marvel at the awesome of display of hydropower, mist fills the air, children run screaming and parents enjoy the spectacle. A little boy leans dangerously over the railing trying to get a better look.

Willie Randolph (younger, but kind of daft): Wow, it's so beautiful! I wonder what it'd be like to go over in a barrel?

An older man, noticing the boy's behavior, yells out to the boy, scolding.

Julio Franco (in his mid-40s): Hey kid, what are you doing leaning over the railing? Be careful! You could fall!

Young Willie: sees a buterfly and tries to play with it, falling over the protective rail in the process. Don't worry mister...ohh it's so pretty...AAaaaaaghhh, I'm falling!

Franco dives and catches the boy by his underpants, hauling him back up to safety.

Young Willie: Thanks mister, you saved my life. How can I ever repay you? You want my Yankee cap?

Julio: haha. Well that's ok, there's nothing you can do for me right now youngman, but someday...someday I might call upon you for a favor...

Willie: Anything, mister, anything.

Julio: chuckling. haha well you run along then son. And be careful.

Willie: Ok mister. Gosh, I'll never forget what you done for me today.

end scene.

would this or would this not cool look airbrushed onto the side of your van? it would.



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