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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Finally Some Excitement: Mets Considering Long for Stick Handler Job

I just looked up and realized the hotstove was underway. Underwhelming.

In the next phase of their overly transparent, tremendously boring off-season rebuilding plan participation activities, the Mets have let the press in on their secret deliberations over Terry Collin's staff. And finally there is an exciting morsel for us bloggers: Don Long is being considered to be the next Mets hitting coach!

Aside from his impressive resume ("Long was the hitting coach in Pittsburgh the past three seasons, where he worked with Jason Bay"), I am excited for the punning possibilities Coach Long can bring to the table, a group that already has a Dickey. "Long" rhymes with "dong," a euphemism for home run, to name just one example.

While I can't wait to see if Dong can beat off Andy Van Slyke's challenge, I can still look at the bright side. Hopefully the team won't be filled with douche-burgers.  And the new management won't be tone deaf.  But I have to say, constant ho hum news ("Mets hope to be active in Rule V draft!") doesn't make for a warm hot stove.
The Mets are looking for anyone to fill their rotation. Aaaarraaaaauuuuuuuuu.

While cutting ties with John Maine, Sean Green, and arguably Pedro Feliciano has to count for something, the Mets stated goal of "bargain" hunting for pitching isn't inspiring me to save my pennies for another MLB "Extra" Innings subscription. The Mets moved quickly to lock up the immortal Mike O'Connor,  and are said (are you sitting down?) to be debating the merits of Chris Young vs. Jeff Francis. Or is that Jeff Young and Chris Francis? The stark contrast between the Mets' penny pinching rebuilding plan and the NY media's willingness to report anything points to just how out of sorts this franchise has become.

We Mets fans are willing to try anything, even fiscal responsibility, to recover the dignity and pride we lost during the Minaya/Saul Katz regime. So the big splash isn't necessary. And we are primed to wait and see what happens before judging: the glass isn't half full or half empty yet

This is all well and good, but who is going to want to buy tickets to this?

Carrasco! Paulino! Oh yeah!

How does this make you feel?
Terry Collins is Minaya's kind of guy!



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