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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mets Out DeWitted by Dodgers Again

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The Mets offense takes a stroll through Chavez Ravine

If only the Mets had a hungry young player, rewarding his team for the honor of playing in the majors by being a spark plug and hell, putting the team on his back when they needed it most. The Dodgers have a guy, Blake DeWitt. I heard the Nationals have a guy too but I digress. But my team only has David Wright, 1 for his last 16, who has spent the series being in the clutch and failing. No killer instinct at all and with the occasional throwing yip to boot. Yes, you read that right, I am criticizing David Wright and I don't care. I'm fed up with this team and it is May!! When I'm fed up I use exclamation points! A lot!! If the team doesn't wake up soon, they will have sleep walked through a sweep and allowed the Phillies to put some distance between them and the pack. Atlanta has won 4 in a row and the Mets are where they belong right now, in 4th place, just barely over .500. I am not impressed with the team Omar has put together for me, not at all.

Tonight, with Beltran only 78%, the Mets went with Pagan in CF. This doesn't bode well for the matinee since Willie reportedly plans to rest the regulars. Well if Castillo and Old Man Alou need a rest tomorrow I'm not surprised since Old Man swiped home and must be exhausted. And Slappy seemed to take a shot right in the surgically repaired knees. It happened right in front of me and I am not sure what happened to Ryan Church after he took the route Shawn Green made famous to try to catch DeWitt's eventual in-the-park home run. He seemed to either have hit his head on the wall and dazedly stared at the ball as it plopped down in front of him, or he thought it went out? I dunno. But it sucked.

Down early, up early, inside the park HR, outside the park home run. These days, the Mets are losing every which way and I'm tired of it.

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  • At 3:51 PM, Anonymous cver said…

    Well, we mainely avoided the broomsticks in laugher fashion. I wish they had saved a few of those runs for the Reds, but a win is a win.


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