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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Regarding the Mets offseason so far, I am most concerned about:
Omar distracted trying to land Zito, missing out on that bullpen thing again
Julio Franco's bedtime: 6:00PM, Mets game time: 7:05PM
Omar traded *&^%?! Cameron for Nay-Rod, and now the Red Sox let Caveman Jesus get away and I just can't believe it and grrrrr....
Omar distracted trying to land Sosa, forgetting to add to bullpen
No upgrade to Shea's paper mache homerun apple planned
You are Darren Olivers wife and you were looking forward to spending more quality time with him
(Mrs. Oliver, you probably don't need to worry too much)
what, no spot for Manny Aye!bar, due for a bounce back year
Omar really blew it on that Japanese catcher phenom, I really wish the Mets had a Japanese phenom
worried about Ana Benson's implants, especially that left one going south rather quickly don't you think?
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