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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Measuring the Strength of Your Metfandom

The Mets 2008 season was a trying time for all of us. After signing Johan Santana, it seemed that the 2007 collapse would turn out to be an anomaly, and the Mets would not be denied a deep run into the playoffs that would pay back all of our rabid support and then some. And when we heard the word "collapse" we'd laugh. Oh how we'd laugh.

How well do you know your Mets? And perhaps more importantly, how unbalanced have you become as a result of suffering through Mets 2008 season? Take this handy quiz to get some clues as to your current mental situation.

1. In the months after the Mets blew the season, what did you spend more time on?

A. Drafting death threats to various members of Mets bullpen and having to spell-check Schoeneweis over and over again.
B. Focusing on the election as a welcome distraction from the Phillies heinous march to the world series.
C. Focusing on the election as a welcome distraction from the Phillies lucking into a world series title.
D. I didn't realize there was an election.

2. Which of the following two photos do you find more terrifying?
 Lieutenant Col. David Cogdell helps Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin test out the Engagement Skills Trainer

or B?

3. The photo below is of:
A. Bud Selig calling the All Star game a tie
B. Bud Selig calling off the 2008 World Series
C. Mets owner Fred Wilpon answering fan question about the Mets' long-range organizational strategy.

4. This photo portrays:

A. Gary Carter on the job hunt.
B. A member of the Mets braintrust approving another El Duque contract.
C. Mike Pelfrey's arch enemy Cody Ross celebrating after striking a key, late-season offensive blow against the Mets.

5. The always family-friendly Mets recently acquired a new pitcher whose surname is so offensive, so terrible to hear, that they cannot bear to use it and they will only refer to him by his first initials in press releases. In Yiddish, J.J. Putz' last name means:
A. "Farm system"
B. "Aaron Heilman"
C. "Willie Ball"

6. During the season, you plan to get all your news and information about the Mets from:
A. Fox News
B. Itsmetsforme at
C. Itsmetsforme, for Mets news and my world news too.
D. This guy.

7. After making a flurry of moves that he should have made a year ago, this winter the Mets GM has rid the bullpen of most of the cause of this year's annual collapse. Last season he failed to rid the team of all the aging, unreliable players he signed and in fact added a couple to the pile. What do you think Omar Minaya will be doing or undoing this time next year?

A. Ridding the team of expensive, injured starting pitchers.
B. Nigerian email scamming
C. Picking up the ESPN shifts Steve Phillips doesn't want.

8. Your plans for the weekend when the Mets play their last series of the 2009 season with the Florida Marlins are:

A. Placing some serious bets and actually making some cash on this collapse thing.
B. Enjoying the clean lawn, open skies, and ennobling comradery of a nice cricket match.
C. Hiding in Cody Ross' carport with a crowbar and a bull mask.

Answers to be revealed in some future post.

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  • At 12:58 PM, Blogger katherine said…

    Write-in response to Number 3:

    Fred Wilpon responding to fan question, "What did Bernie Madoff do with all your money?"

  • At 10:39 PM, Blogger I.M. Forme said…

    Looks like Freddie's financial approach is similar in his personal life and baseball.

    Trust some shyster with more and more money until you're broke/miss the playoffs repeatedly! At least he knows what happened to his personal money!


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